Do you ever feel like you’re being tested?

Like, you feel, believe, think, etc 100% one way then all of a sudden, something is thrown at you, and you’re like, “whoa… wait. What in the actual Fuck?”

Curve balls.


Do you really feel, believe etc the way you thought?

In my case, yes. Every time I am thrown a curve ball, I swing. I swing hard and I hit or I miss.

If I miss, I swing again, and hit the second one every time.

You can’t be afraid to fail. Failing is what makes you better. Failing is what makes you the person you wish to be!

LEARN from those curveballs of life that you swung hard for, and missed. You have GOT this! Every single failure is a chance to learn something new! Don’t get discouraged by any type of failure.

New Year’s celebration

This year, 2020, was my first time going out for new year’s eve. I decided to buy my ticket and risk being alone. Turns out, I had a friend there, solo as well. So, we partied hard all night, and had a blast.

Things I learned about myself, while out, drinking whiskey all night, celebrating the new year with a friend who has always been more of an acquaintance.

I can dance for a very long time… In flats.

My red lipstick WILL transfer onto white clothes even though it claims it won’t. (I was shoved from behind while dancing and my face went SMOOSH into his chest. I STILL feel awful)

I can hold whiskey and keep a clear mind like a MF Champ! (very odd considering I am a lightweight!)

I am much older than most that were out that night. I could tell because my “mom mode” kicked in when the girl dancing next to me had her butt, crotch, and boob all hanging out of her dress, and impulse had me pulling her top up to cover her boob, like “oh honey! let me HELP you!” UGH! Her friend was standing next to me, and started laughing. She bent down and yelled into my ear, over the music, “She does not care!” And laughed so hard.

I shrugged and turned back to my friend and we danced a little more before we decided to get food.

That was my first time out on New Year’s and probably my last time, as well. At least until Meg turns 21, anyway.

Did you learn anything about yourself, recently?

Happy New Year!!



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