Isn’t it a funny word?

Just being alone doesn’t cause loneliness.

You can feel loneliness in a room of 100 friends.

Sometimes, all you want is to have attention from someone who REALLY cares.

Without that attention, you feel loneliness creep in.

It started for me, yesterday.


2 friends canceled on me, another one is going through his own thing, and isn’t talking much, another friend too tired to hang out, another just wanted to go home, rather than go out with me.

Everyone has their legitimate reasons for not coming out, last night, but it was a night when I needed someone more than ever.

Why? I’m not sure.

I felt emptiness so vast, that all I wanted was a friend, and no one seemed to be available.

I ended up on a third date with the guy who took me out on my birthday.

On my birthday, my mental state was a bit weird, going through some stuff.

We were supposed to go out again, and I canceled, because I just didn’t feel ready to date.

But last night. We met for drinks and had a fantastic time.

We’re going out again, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

You know how I always make it a point to find the silver lining?

Well. Last night, he became my silver lining.

The one I had least expected to see, after I canceled our previous date.

I’m so glad I decided to meet him for drinks, and conversation. Yay, for new… whatever this may be.

Loneliness sucks. I want to use right now to extend my hand to anyone who may need a friend this season. This is “depression” season, and I want you to m ow I am here. I will lend an ear, or a shoulder to cry on. I will shout words of encouragement from the rooftops of it helps you keep going.




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