There’s this voice in my head. It’s been there for about 3 or so years. It talks to me, only when I need it most. It says only one phrase.

But it’s not what you think. Someone spoke these words to me, at the beginning of my health and fitness journey.

I was running at Shawnee mission Park, and someone came up behind me, and said “just keep moving. Just keep moving.” As we were running up the hill, all I wanted to do was stop, walk, or just sit.

This voice has been a constant in my mind, urging me to ”just keep moving.”

From losing weight, working out, or running up hills, the voice plays when I need it.

When Mitch died, the voice was silent for a few days.

After day three, when my brother insisted I figure out my bills and make a budget, the voice started again. It was quiet, like a whisper, and slowly became a prevalent part of my everyday mindset.

“Just keep moving. Just keep moving.”

The person who spoke those words has no idea how he’s stuck with me, encouraging me to keep moving. Don’t stop. Progress. When life gets hard, get tougher than life.




Sure, stop and rest, but keep a forward movement. Keep going, even when you want to quit, or when things get hard. When you think you can’t move any farther, take one more step. Put that foot right in front of the other, and keep moving!

You’ll get through, if you push.

Don’t. Stop!

Don’t give up.

You will Survive!

You will grow stronger.

You will become better.

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