So, I’ve been asked, multiple times, by multiple people how Megan is doing, when is she going to start writing, etc.

She wrote something, today.

I leave you with this.

two years ago, my whole life changed. Well close to it. I was at school one day, just enjoying myself, having fun, and talking with friends. I was going to go to a mathletics party that day, instead one of my closest’s friend’s mom picked me up. I was extremely confused, and she didn’t tell me what was going on. I realized she was driving me to Brady’s house, now I was really confused. I got inside and said to my mom “I was at a PARTY and I liked it” or something along the lines of that. Everyone in the room (Brady, Katy, and my mom I think) looked extremely sad. I immediately stopped laughing and was even more confused. My mom told me to sit down and pointed to my smsd pin I got from school that said “kindness matters” or something like that. Me, still confused, didn’t say anything. My mom started crying again, and told me that my dad has passed. I shut down, and started crying. Crying harder than I EVER can remember. I’ve had nightmares about this kind of stuff happening before, but never did I ever think it would actually happen. Katy Wood (his sister) was also there, she was crying. I remember telling her “it’ll be okay” (something like that) and I hugged her. Everyone was at Brady’s house, I stayed in their guest room because I don’t like being around so many people, especially when they’re sad. I was in a group chat on my iPad for school, and I told them about it. My friend Triniti stayed home from school to stay with me, because I’m not a big fan of being alone.

These past 2 years have been stressful, sad, adventurous, and exciting. Me and my mom have went out of the state many times, and poured beer on my dad’s ash, because he always wanted to drink a beer in every state, so we’re letting him do that. To this day, I miss him still, I’ll have nights where I still cry about it.

In the past (around a year, a year and a half ago) I used to be like “hey when’s dad gonna come home” and then I would get sad, realizing that he wouldn’t. I’m nearly crying in my third hour class typing all of this out, but it was worth it.

One thought on “2 Years: Loss Through the Eyes of a 14 Year Old Girl

  1. That is a great picture to post of your dad Megan. It looks like you were having a lot of fun that day. When you start to get sad, just remember that your dad loved you very much and would want you to be happy, so just keeping thinking of all the good times you had together. In time the feelings of hurt and sadness will dissipate and only the fond memories will stay with you and warm your heart every time you think about your dad. Love you very much – Aunt Liz

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