This year has been amazing. Megan and I started the traveling year out, by flying (for the first time ever!) to Atlanta for a Savage race, and a long, touristy fun filled weekend. We visited many film sites and ate local foods/restaurants. We had so much fun, and decided that we absolutely loved flying! 


We drove a lot, through the year, many states, many friends, maaaaany races. Every time was a lot of fun, and a lot of crazy! I think our worst fun trip was Chicago! I was speeding, (of course…) and was pulled over and acquired a ticket for $111… Then! THEN!! On our last full day in Chicago, the hotel manager saw Dog, and lost his shit! He tacked on a $30/night charge, for my dog that weighs less than most newborn babies. But, whatever. I was mad when it happened, but we were being sneaky, and got caught. Good lesson for Megan, I guess. Ha. Chicago ended up costing me $200 more than I had budgeted for, and I was quite pissy about it, at the time. Now, I think about it and laugh, because I was the one doing the wrong, and I got upset when I was called on it. I can readily admit that the Chicago trip has made me drive MUCH slower, and I quit taking Dog with us, everywhere. 


With every great year, comes some bad. In October, I was fired, from the job I loved very much. Luckily, I have found myself in a place that cares more about their staff. I feel EXTREEEEEMELY lucky about that. As much as I miss the family I made, with the coworkers I had before, I know I can see them, whenever. I don’t have to work with them to see them. 

Megan, this year, had a class in Design and Modeling, which seemed to set the basic foundation for architectural design and all the computer basics for that. Nothing in school, this year, has been worthy of mention, without incessant probing for information. Except this class. Meg was pretty stoked when she “built and wired a wall”.  Amazing! She talked about all the stuff she did in that class, and you could tell she had enjoyed herself.  I hope her 2nd semester finds her in classes worthy of mention, as well. 


This year, we visited California, Florida, Georgia (twice), Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas (a million times!), Oklahoma, east Missouri, and a short stop in Tennessee, to show Meg the Grand Ole Opry. 

Next year, we plan to travel less (shorter distances), plan more at home, and around town, and focus on family and friends. 


I’m not sure what Megan’s goals are but I’d go with get her grades up and stay out of the middle school/soon to be HIGH SCHOOL drama! So far, so good. 

My goals for Meg are to get her to walk through ONE, at least ONE Conquer the Gauntlet with me! 

My goals for me… through 2019, I plan to get my eating habits under control and at a naturally occurring place. My goals for 2019, are to prepare for my big 2020 goals. I’ve only shared with a few people, and most of them don’t understand the entirety of the situation. 

Short term goals: run a lot, keep working out, with better focus and discipline. 

BIG goal: I want to do a 24 hour race, at the end of 2020. I’m lucky enough to know people that I can ask questions, and learn from. 😉


I’m sure, physically, I could be ready by the end of 2019, but financially, and mentally are another thing, completely. This is something I’m going to have to save for, become mentally ready for, and really train for. Becoming mentally ready for it will probably be the hardest part for me. It gets COLD. Like really cold, icicles falling off your body/clothes, cold. That fucks my brain up a bit. Lol! Those of you who really know me, will understand. I hate being cold. A lot!

So, all through 2019, I plan to acquire all the material things I’ll need, to do this crazy, endurance race, in 2020. 

I’ll be doing stupid shit, like swimming in cold lakes at night, with friends… never alone! Gotta test the wetsuits. 😂 

Long distance running, lots of training, for endurance style stuff. It’s going to be so annoying, that I’m going to create another Facebook page, to allow those who care to follow, a chance to do so, without clogging my regular Facebook page. Or maybe I’ll just clog my social media’s with my ridiculous training. Ha! 

So, that’s it. 

2018 had its ups and downs, just like any other year, but we survived, and will be blasting into 2019 with goals intact! 

Be happy. Be healthy. Stay strong! 

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