Just a little over a year ago, I went on my “first first date in 17 years”. Poor guy. He met me when I was clueless.

Anyway, what made me think about him? Well, I was planning on taking Meg to see a movie tonight, but, the restaurant was too far from the theater to make it to that particular theater in time.

So, I had Meg look up Cinetopia showings. There was one for 6:45! We were excited! We hightailed it to Cinetopia and stood in line, only to be informed that only front row was available. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I said “No thank you,” and we left. I was driving down the road, planning to take side streets all the way home, because there is a grocery store (I need coffee) on my way home, that way.

I look left and see B&B theaters. I maneuvered my car into the correct turning lane, and pulled into the parking lot. We hopped out, checked and saw there was a showing for 8pm.


Meg used the bathroom after we purchased our tickets. She was dying to go to Party City, so, I told her we could walk over.

I walked through the parking lot, toward 135th street, and see the place were first first date guy had told me he worked. I mean, I knew he worked/owned/operated that place, but didn’t realize it was RIGHT there.

Anyway. So, that is basically what stimulated my brain, for this blog.

Do you ever wonder if people have moments where *poof* you’re on their mind? Do you wonder what they think, if you are on their mind? I wonder that sometimes. Like, “I wonder if that guy even remembers me.” I mean, How could he not? I looked crazy “EXTRA”! Ha!

Seriously, though, it’s something I’ve noticed myself thinking about sometimes. Not just that guy. That guy was because of where Meg and I ended up, today. But many people I’ve met, on my journey, I think about, and wonder how I left them. What impression did I leave on them? Did I leave a good impression? Did they think I was nuts? Did they think they were going to get lucky, no matter what? (To be clear, the answer was “no” to wayyyyyyy more people, than I have said “yes” to.) Does a thought of me make them smile, or cringe?

Do you do that? Do you wonder those things? I guess, whatever your answer is, that’s it’s okay.

And, on the flip side. When you have thoughts of random people that you’ve dated and/or slept with, do you have moments where you ask yourself, “What the FUCK was I THINKING?!”

I will leave you with this.

I hope, that every person I meet, is left with a good feeling, be it, strength, happiness, confidence, excitement, or anything positive.

Good night, world, but remember. Be a better person, tomorrow, than you were today! ❤️

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