I dreamt about Mitch Wood in a very interesting way the other night. I had a dream that someone was banging on my front door, then came busting in! It was some guy, I’ve never seen before. Late twenties, early 30s maybe. Dark hair, blue eyes. BIG eyes. He ran into my bedroom and flopped on my bed. I was freaking out. I didn’t know who his guy was, and he just burst into my apartment and shoved me aside to get to my bed.

He had an album. He kept saying “You can’t forget! Never forget. Have you already forgotten?”

I was in tears, I was wailing and fiercely shaking my head, as he accused me of forgetting. I assumed he was talking about Mitch, but I never saw the album.

He sat himself up, and said “good. You’re not allowed to forget!”

Then I woke up, I’ve been overflowing with thoughts and memories of Mitch, since. Much welcomed memories and thoughts.

My heart and soul are aching for him, again.

I was driving home from work, today. I cried.

I booked a flight to California to meet my cyber bestie. I cried.

I looked at hotels and rental cars and flights to Florida. I nearly cried.

All of these things, all of them, we should be doing together.




And, this life hurts!

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