This is year 2, of being without Mitch, on Mother’s Day. Really! 2 Mother’s day’s without him!

That’s insane to me.

Crazy, even.

He’s been around, visiting. He showed up at a long time friend’s home an scared the jeepers out of their daughter. My lights have been flickering, and last night, my water bottle did a little dance on my night stand.

I know, it sounds silly or crazy to say “it was him”. If you’ve never experienced energies from a life passed over, you can’t understand. There is a presence that accompanies these instances.

You don’t realize how in tuned you are to people’s presence, until it’s no longer here. Then, when it IS here, it’s unmistakable. It’s very noticeable. Undeniable, even.

In my cases, I feel him surrounding me. If you knew Mitch, you know that when he walked into a room, he filled the room with his presence. He laughed and made others laugh. He loved fiercely, and always saw the best in everyone. He was there for all who needed him.

I’m not sure if he is here for Mother’s day, or if he’d just gotten a day pass, but he was definitely hanging around causing a ruckus.

Meh swears she hasn’t had any Dad experiences, but I’d bet money she dreams about him.

I remember a conversation I had with Mitch, Long before he died. I remember we were talking about how we would haunt the one who didn’t die. Like if I died first, I’d haunt his house, for sure, and visa versa.

I know I mentioned it before, but for any new readers, my husband and I talked about death and dying and our wishes, all the time. We were weird. What can I say?

I told him I didn’t want him to surprise me. I didn’t want him to scare me, because I never wanted to be afraid of him. So, he hasn’t scared me, yet. He does his thing, and I am aware of the energetic presence and cherish each visit.

I remember telling him that I’d love to talk to him, if he passed first, about everything. I just didn’t want him popping up, out of nowhere, and making me pee my pants.

In 9 days, I’ll be celebrating what would have been our 15 year wedding anniversary! 15 years!

Can you believe that?!

I can say, that without a doubt, if Mitch were still alive, I wouldn’t have met a few of my new friends. And, I am perfectly fine with that. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate each and every friend I’ve made. But, if I had to choose between meeting all of you, or having my husband alive, you can bet your asses I would choose him. Please, do not be offended or hurt by this confession. Instead, put yourself in my shoes and think about what you’d say.

You too?

How did you meet me? Was it post death, or before? Either way, I am happy we met, and have become friends. You were introduced into my life for a reason.

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