Shit happens. Literally, every single day, something happens and it sucks.

You may not think about it, but it does.

Or maybe your “something good” is someone else’s “bad” thing for the day. Say, you get promoted, and one of your coworkers was really hoping for that promotion. Good for you, but bad for them.

So, I’ll say it again.

Shit. Happens.

How do you deal with it? When something bad or shitty happens to you, what’s your response?

Do you blame yourself? Do you blame the circumstance? Do you just figure out a way to make it better? Shrug your shoulders and move forward?

I feel like I do a combination of these all. I weigh what matters most in each situation. If it’s something I could have prevented, I blame myself and think of the best way to make it better.

If it’s not that important (spilled milk), I shrug my shoulders and move forward.

Remember, your “crappy” could, unintentionally, mean someone else’s “happy,” and your “happy” could cause someone else’s “crappy,” unintentionally.

Just live your life, happily. Don’t brag too much. Move forward each day. Those who are meant to be there will be there. Those who aren’t at your pace will speed past you, or fall behind. Let them. It just means the ones who are still around are either working to purposely keep your pace, or are naturally there, with you. Embrace them.

And never move backwards. It’s okay to miss the ones who speed past or fall behind. But, try, try, try not to dwell.

Everyone and everything enters your life for a reason. Be it long term reasons or short term reasons, it’s meant to be, so embrace every moment.

Be kind, Always.

Good night.

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