As I sit here, typing this blog, Megs is laying in bed, probably cursing me for having my laptop open in a dark room.

I am drinking my coffee, thinking about how this long weekend has been perfect. We laughed, we had fun, and we spent way too much money! But, that’s what long weekends are about, right?

I’ve been watching my kiddo, while we have been here. She hasn’t smiled this much, in a very, very long time. She posed for pictures, and everything. I mean, she posed for pictures WITHOUT covering her face in some way or another.



I love that face! That face is beautiful! I think this trip has given her a bit of an escape, for sure. It’s given me an escape. She suffered through my 2.5 hours on the course, as she sat there, taking multiple selfies with my camera. I’ll share, with you, one of them:



Meg was able to see many places and even got to walk the grounds of her favorite show. She was so excited. Hell, I was excited for her! If I could have had the opportunity to walk the grounds of the kids from saved by the bell, or any of the kids from Nickelodeon, or Disney, I would have fallen over from pure excitement!

Meg stayed upright. I’m not sure how, as I had to remind her to breathe a few times.



For anyone who doesn’t know what this school is, it is the middle school from the Netflix Original series, Stranger Things.


She was absolutely over the moon!

I am so happy to have provided her the opportunity.

Now, for my fun stuff!

I raced this weekend. I had a fantastic time, doing a new (to me) race series. I got all banged up, but had an absolutely amazing time. I could have asked for a few more people to be a bit nicer on the course, but, you can’t fix everyone.



This race was hard, but it was my best in finish and everything, that I’ve managed.


I forgot how bad it hurts to skin your knees! Wow! I banged right into one of the obstacles, then I did it again, and when I was climbing up the second wall, I noticed the blood coming down. I thought, well shit… I hate when it happens so early in a race. I had to then drag it through so much mud and sand and lord knows what else. It bled for about an hour, so I am hoping it just kept pushing away anything that would cause any bad infections. ha!

The worst part of skinning your knees is when it scabs. It hurts to move. booooo!

Well, I fly in a little while so I should cut this short.


All in all, Meg and I had a fantastic time in Georgia, and can’t wait to come back! (and we haven’t even left yet!!!)


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