I am flying for the first time, ever, today. I am currently sitting in the airport, after going through the bag check and everything.

My vagina set off the scanner.


I had to be patted down, and my lady bits touched a bit. I guess you should never fly while on your period. ha!

All went well. She walked out and came back, and swiped my hands, to check for explosive stuff, residue.

Oh man. Then, I was standing there, and the one lady security guard said “you can calm down.” I was thinking, “I am pretty calm, actually. I wasn’t even worried, since I know I wasn’t carrying anything besides a pad in my underwear.

Mitch wanted to take me on a plane. He hated that I had never flown before. He swore he was going to buy us round trip/same day plane tickets so we could experience my first time, together.

Now, Meg and I are at the airport, about to fly for the first time, together. Mitch would be proud. We aren’t freaking out, externally. Neither one of us! I know she is freaking out on the inside, though. She is scared. But, so am I. I’ve never flown before, and I fear the unknown. But, I face it. How else do we get through life?

Without facing the fears of the unknown, we don’t learn. We don’t grow. We don’t discover new things.

I am renting a car. I have never been the one in charge of renting a car. I always just drive my car. And, when Mitch was alive, he was the one who took care of everything, so I never had to mess with any of it.

I’m doing it.

We are doing it.

I also remembered to bring Mitch’s ash, so we could take him out to the film sights. He was the one who wanted this trip, more than anything. We will leave him at the different film spots, and I will have a drink with him, tomorrow night.

He wanted to take Meg to Atlanta.  When he was alive, he suggested we find a race in Atlanta, so we could go. When I didn’t jump on that, he found out Walker Stalker Con was in ATL, one year and wanted to go. We couldn’t afford it, though, with taking the days off from work, to the money we would be spending to eat every day.

We never went.

This will be my second time visiting Georgia. Last year, it was a spur of the moment, “lets drive to GA” with 2 of my girlfriends and I. We hopped in my brand new car, after work, around 3:30-4pm, and took off. Drove through the night, slept for an our or 2, got up, ran a race, went for lunch, then drove home.

Not much time for site seeing.

I was okay with not seeing much of the City. I felt like I was cheating Meg of a trip that she was supposed to be on.

Now, we are doing it!

We will go to different Walking dead film sites. We are going to the school that is “Hawkins” Middle school. We are staying at the Hyatt. We have a rental car. We are flying.

We are doing this trip the right way. We are going to have fun, and enjoy a beautiful city.

We can’t wait to share our adventures with everyone!

And adventure season has begun!



4 thoughts on “New Experiences

    1. The flight was great! Even the kid behind my seat, kicking and chatting it up was great. I will never not fly again, if I have the money. ❤️ Mitch was so right! He said I’d fall in love with flying.


      1. Me too! I was terrified to fly. But, now, it’s like, “whatever. The universe already took my husband. My daughter and I are together, so, if the plane goes down, at least we are together. 🤷🏼‍♀️”

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