Last night, I had a dream that I was going to the Pink concert with a few of my friends. Some were guys and some were girls. We got into the arena, I scan the seats, and there, across the building, was Mitch!

I screamed his name. I jumped up and down, and yelled for him to look at me.

He never turned his head. He was watching the opening act. He was smiling. He was happy. But, he wasn’t acknowledging my presence. Maybe he just couldn’t hear me, or see me over everything else.

I saw him. I saw him in his happy state. Smiling. He was surrounded by thousands, yet standing solo in the arena, so easy to spot.

It was strange, that I dreamed of him, immediately after finding out that his idol (Kevin Smith) almost joined him in the beyond. I watched Kevin’s Facebook video of how he felt through the entire heart attack process he endured. I cried.

I felt like it was Mitch, speaking to me through Kevin Smith. Especially when it came to the point where he said “I felt a calm come over me, like it would be okay, if I died. I’ve had a great life! That’ll do Pig, that’ll do.”

That sounds like something Mitch would have said. He also said he didn’t want to take his underwear off to have his groin shaved, because “I don’t want anyone to see my tiny dick!” Also, something Mitch would have said. I just KNOW it! He always talked about having a tiny wiener, even though that wasn’t true.

My anger management update:

I have had 3 sessions, with this counselor and he is reading my blog. He is a very nice man and doesn’t believe I need anger counseling. He chuckles slightly when he asks the question he has to ask, “So, how is your anger?”

I will have 2 more sessions with him, then I will have completed my mandatory anger management.

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