It’s been a year, since I sat with Mitch, in the “man-cave”-turned family movie room.

We reclined our theatre seats, turned in the movie Beautiful, and watched.

Mitch, without fail, laughed at me, as I cried at all the points of the movie that I always cried at.

He held my hand, patted it when I got emotional. He laughed at me, but caused me to laugh too.

At the end of he movie, I jumped up, and ran upstairs, because I had to get up early the next morning, for a meeting at work.

Here we are, 1 day shy of a year from his death, and I had a mandatory staff meeting again.

As I sat, in unseen pain, and listened to my friend talk over the person speaking at the meeting, I reflected.

What I would give for one more.

One more kiss.

One more hug.

One more joke.

One more fight.

One more I love you.

I remember when Meg told me what his last words were, to her.

“I love you! See you later.”

No goodbyes.

Always a “See ya, later!”

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