I was talking to someone today, and she asked “don’t you get nervous when you meet new people?”

I thought about it, and no, I don’t . I used to get extremely nervous when meeting new people. I mean, so nervous about will they like me? What if they don’t like me? What can I do to ensure they like me?

Since Mitch passed, I’ve changed in that way. I don’t care if you like me.

Now, I just meet people, and I am me. I am 100% me, and really don’t care if they like me or not. I finally figured out, if people don’t like me, for who I am, they’re not worth my worries. I won’t go out of my way, to make you like me. That’s a terrible precedent to set.

I am not going to be the person who tells you what you WANT to hear. No. No. I will be the person to tell you what you NEED to hear. I am up front, honest, and sometimes blunt.

Meeting new people is fun! I love to learn about people. I love to hear their stories, or learn their belief system, or sexual life preferences. I enjoy learning new and interesting things, and what better way to learn these things, than to meet other, authentic, unique, extraordinary humans?

So, again, no way! I don’t get nervous, when I meet new people. I get EXCITED!

Yes. I am seriously a weirdo, but, most of you already know this.

I was invited out, with a couple of new friends, for New Year’s Eve. I ended up staying close to home and spending it with friends and Meg, because that was much more important to me.

But, I was invited to a swinger’s club!

I would have people-watched so hard my eyeballs would have been rolling on the floor. I can people watch, anytime, though.

I will spend holidays with Meg. ❤️

But the next chance I get, that isn’t a holiday or a planned hangout with Meg, or a race, I am going to said club, with said friends, and checking that shit out. People-Watching to the MAX! I’ll bring popcorn.

Venture outside of your comfort zone, and see what you can learn! You may learn that you have ZERO interest in such a lifestyle, and that is OKAY! But, at least you checked it out first, right? You LEARN something from every encounter you have. Remember that, always!

Goodnight, all.

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