As a woman who was with the same man, happily, for my entire adult life, I’ve never gone out, and met new people, before recently. I’ve never had to babysit my drink, because I always had Mitch as my second pair of eyes, to keep me safe.

With that said, I went on one actual date, which was weird, and fun, because I love meeting people. I love hearing their stories, about how they came to be where they are at that very moment. That date went well, because we talked about everything from politics to desires in the world.

Recently, I went out, with a group of people, 2 brand new friends, one semi-new friend, and 2 friends that I’ve known since before Mitch passed away. A group of people hanging out, playing pool.

Long story short, I am fairly certain I was drugged that night. I wasn’t so sure until after last night. I only drank beer, but, wasn’t very smart. I didn’t keep it with me the whole time. I left it unattended multiple times through the night.

Remember. Only beer.

My tab, with my drinks and one of my friend’s drinks was a whopping 28. That’s like 5-6 beers for me.

I am 100% certain I came inside of my apartment alone, so that’s lucky! I remember chaining the door, then nothing. Then puking, then sleeping.

When I woke up, the next morning, I felt fine. Not like I had drank so much to have made myself vomit, for an hour or so, like I did. I checked my phone, for messages, and stuff. I saw that a friend was up towards the top of the texts, and was like what?! So I clicked, and scrolled wayyyyyy up. We had an hour long conversation. A whole hour that I have no recollection of.

Beer. I’ve never reacted like that to beer. That’s not a thing. Booze, I’m sure would make me lose memory, but, that’s why I only drink beer.

Again, I am so thankful I was home, alone, for that. I won’t be going out, playing pool again, unless I am with close friends, that I’ve known for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anyone from the group did it. I am saying anyone could have walked over and dropped a little something in my drink, as we all had our backs to the table, because we were facing the pool table all night.

I have seen the error of my ways, and that will not be repeated. I will never, ever put myself in a position of weakness again. I got lucky. I could have been… let’s not even go there. Anything could have happened to me, but I ended up at home, texting a friend for an hour.

Lucky. As. Fuck.

Now. The reason I believe that someone put something in my drink, is because last night, I had the same amount, or more of beer, and was fine. (I will probably not drink for a pretty long time. 2 weekends in a row is body torture! Ha)

I still can’t believe that I put myself in the position I did. Just thinking about it, after the fact, is terrifying. All of the “what ifs” going through my head.

So, with this confession, I will leave this here, for everyone. A link to 8 ways to avoid getting roofied.

I OBVIOUSLY needed this refresher.

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