As I get each day’s “on this day” memories through Facebook, I can’t help but think ” damn. We had no idea that Mitch was going to die in 2 short months. No clue!”

He looks healthy. He looks happy. He was excited about life and everything that it had to offer.

Even though we were in terrible debt.

Even though we had tax issues. Even though our credit was so terribly poor we couldn’t get a loan for $20 if we tried.

He was happy. We were happy. We had each-other. We had a purpose. We were raising Megan to be a kind, giving, loving human being.

Now I try, but this 13 year old drama queen, who I love with my entire being, is going to kill me.

I often ask myself if she would be behaving the way she is, if Mitch were here.

She says piss and ass and shit, and I can’t do anything but tell her “not allowed in public, Megan!” Because I, actually, swear like a sailor. Mitch was the one who had that in check, not me!

I know that Meg is a good kid, and sometimes does some not so great things. I just remind her that she wouldn’t like it if anyone did that or ask her how it would make her feel if someone did whatever to her. She doesn’t really care what other people say or do to her. She just, basically, like me, says “fuck it”!

There are so many other, more important things in life to worry about, than what others think or feel about you.

Yes, aspire to be kind and loving. Never be mean, and always offer a helping hand when you can.

This is the only way the human race will survive. Be kind.

The day Mitch died, Meg came home from school, and was wearing a button. It said simply: Kindness Matters.

It does.

So, 1 year ago, today, I had a photo shoot set up, for family photos. It cost us almost every penny we had in the bank, but damnit, we were doing the thing! Period.

We got dressed, did our hair, and looked good for our very last family photos.

But a year ago, we were thinking it was the start of a new tradition. I wanted to hire Beckie every year, and have her do our photos.

How swiftly life can change!

How abruptly the rug can be pulled from under your feet.

Don’t ever think that it can’t happen to you. Don’t ever get to a point where you believe you are invincible, because we aren’t. We are all mortal, with fragile lives.

Be aware of your health. Be aware of the things you put into your body, be they medications, fast food or an apple.

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