I am a believer in some form of afterlife, and spiritual visitations from our loved ones who have passed on. 

I have been a bit sad, because I don’t dream of Mitch. I don’t see signs that he is here, or saying hello. Like he said “Asta La Vista! Nice knowing you!” 

Recently, though, I’ve been dreaming of a married man. *GASP* I know! Terrible! What the evervliving F*ck?!?

I found it odd that I’ve been having these dreams, because I don’t have that kind of attraction to him. He is married, therefore, off limits, even if I DID find him attractive in that way. 

Then I remembered that that man was the only man Mitch EVER worried about, and voiced it. It was strange. I told him no way! I would never! He would never! That’s crazy. 

I remember him asking all about him, and it was the only time I ever felt bad about hanging out with people of the opposite sex. I didn’t like that Mitch thought I would go there, no matter looks, class, age, or whatever. 

Once I made him understand, it was okay. 

But, now, I am dreaming about that man. I never felt like it was actually him, though. There is a different connection. A familiar one. 

I wonder if Mitch is coming to me in the form of the one man he was afraid of? 

If so, that SUCKS! I would rather him come to me as himself. His healthy, happy self. 

I would give my left leg to see him, to hear him. But, that won’t happen, so I’ll have to settle for dreams, pictures, and videos.  

Now, if he would just come as himself, that would be great! 

Even if he only comes to yell at me, for having sex with another man, I’d be okay with that. But, if I know Mitch, he wouldn’t. He would tell me to be happy, and protect Megan. So, that’s what I’ll do. 

Goodnight World. 

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