I remember the first time I went out to eat, after Mitch passed away. It hurt so bad, to look across the table, at the empty seat that Mitch should have been sitting in. I cried, and felt so bad about it, because that night was to celebrate my brother’s birthday. It was supposed to be a night of happy thoughts, to ease my mind. It wasn’t. 

As I sit here today, in Memphis, TN, I see the empty seat in front of me. It still hurts, but I can bear it. I can handle the pain. I am pulled toward tears, but I blink them back faster than they can spill over. 

I am sitting with my family, having lunch, and finishing up the last of our, incredible, vacation. 

That seat is still empty. 

My heart still aches.

The tears still threaten. 


My heart still beats.

My lungs still breathe. 

I keep moving. 

The world keeps spinning. 

Life keeps going. 


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