Hard? That’s an understatement. 

We went to a Kansas City Royals game last night, and memories of my first time there came flooding back. Mitch took me. When the people sang the national anthem, lay night, I cried. 

I cried when I woke up, and set Megan’s Easter basket out. 

I cried again, when I took a shower. 

As I was showering, I was listening to music. 90s R&B, to be exact. 

I feel a cold breeze. And Color Me Bad starts singing… I wanna sex you up. 

I started to laugh, then I cried. I imagined Mitch, how he used to peek in the shower at me. The realization that he wouldn’t be peeking in my shower anymore really hurt. 

I cried harder. 

Monica. Angel of Mine. If you don’t know this song, look it up.  More tears. 

I didn’t think I was going to make it through today. 

I cleaned my face up, moisturized and put makeup on. I did my hair, and put on my most comfortable black dress. Also, my ONLY dress. 

We had Brunch with my family at 11:15am at Union station, and all went well. We walked through the park, as part of the walk we took. Quite a few homeless people were napping on the lawn of the park. It was serene. So peaceful. 

After brunch, we went to Easter at Mitch’s adopted side of the family. It was pleasant. No one really talked about it. We weren’t there for very long, as we had a 3rd stop to go. While there, everyone asked how we were doing, if we were okay, and if we needed anything. I got to see my pregnant sister-in-law, Katy, (Mitch’s bio-mom’s daughter, so bio-sis) and smooch her big’ol beautiful belly, and talk to my niece, Hannah Mitchell England, aka “Mitchee”. I love her so much, and she isn’t even here yet! ❤️

We, then, traveled down the street to Mitch’s biological family’s Easter. As always, we had fun. We took pictures, as we always do, when we are there. We had hamburgers and hotdogs and socialized. 

My youngest pup, Moose was there, so he was in the family photos. In true Mitch fashion, Moose turned his ass to the camera. He tried to knock Summer (Mitch’s OTHER prego  sister!❤️) over, using my body, and made the picture hilarious. Sorry, Summer! Love you! 

Now, I am home, sitting in a lavender infused bath, typing up this blog, with a GIANT glass of wine. 

I’ll finish the wine, watch an episode of the Detour, and go to sleep, so I can get up tomorrow morning, go to work, and make the money. 

Living without Mitch sucks! It sucks so hard. But, lucky for Meg and I, our family makes it that much easier. 

After a Royals Win!

2 thoughts on “Royals Baseball and Easter. Baseball and the First Major Holiday Without Mitch. 

  1. Didn’t think I would make it threw this day .. thank you for being here with me “us” it soo helped me .. john is having a hard time right now that the day is over .. but we will make it threw with love..

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