Good news. Bad News. News.

Yesterday, I found out a friend’s step-father died. This morning, I found out a woman I know, the mother of a little girl I coached, died. these people were not old! They didn’t die from old age.

People are passing away, left and right. It’s insanity! We will never know when our time comes, until it is upon us.  It got me thinking. What is it I want from this life?

So, here it is.

In life, I want to be energetic. I want to inspire people to do good. I want people to look at me and say, “Damn. I want to be like her, when I grow up.”

I want to be like Mitch. Everyone wanted to be like him. Right?

In death, I want people to say, “We really lost a great one, with her. The world will never be the same!”

I want love, in life. I want to give and receive all of the love, I can endure. I want to be a great friend. I want to truly listen when people talk to me. I want to be there.

I want to be the kind of mother that makes other kids jealous of Megan. (no offense, mom-friends.) I want to make Megan’s life easier, but, not restrain her from her full potential. She’s going to be amazing! (she already is, and she’s only 12)

I want to be everyone’s big sister, in the way that Mitch was everyone’s big brother.

I want to navigate through life, similar to how Mitch did, only MORE.

I want to be the Aunt that nieces and nephews can confide in, happily.

I want to live beyond my years.

I also want to be the type of Mom that Megan wants to be like, when she grows up. I want to set an example worth following.

I want to pay my bills on time, and maybe, one day, buy a condo or a loft.

I want to be the kind of person that can walk into a room of strangers, and walk away with a room full of new friends.

I will.

I can.

Who’s going to stop me? IMG_20150401_170454

Only I can stop ME.

5 thoughts on “What Do I Want?

  1. Perfect! Mitch was a man that left to early as well as we all lost a person who left a print and whole in our lives . Life will never be the same for any if us and more for u and Megan. Be that person !! You are that person . We love you tabby !!! Tomorrow is going to be a very hard day . I have already prepared for my zanex to help me make it threw . I’m not sure how I will do .I am thinking not well . He was our great egg hider.. Easter will never be the same . I am having anxiety just thinking about it .and worried i will cry in front of the grandkids ugggggg …. I love u girl!!

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    1. You will be fine! I will be there. We will laugh, and we will all miss him. We will hide the eggs, just as mitch would have. We stand in the middle of the back yard and throw them. Easy as pie! ❤️


    2. Never ever be afraid to cry in front of anyone, including the grandkids. I think one of the things that make each and everyone of us amazing is being real. Showing our emotions does not make us weak. In fact it’s the opposite. This week marks 1 1/2yrs for my husbands death. I’ve experienced 2 Thanksgivings, 2 Christmases, 2 NYE, and 1 of every other holiday. No pretending here, it’s hard as hell. So I wish I could hold your hands and your hearts, even for just one day, to help you through these days. With a loss such as this, it binds you even closer to those other left behind. Sending you all my positive energies to give you strength 💙

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