I’m not sure how to start this one off. It’s almost a brag post, about my brother. I have been meaning to share this, for quite some time. It is long overdue.

Growing up, we were always at each-other’s throats. There was even a time, in which, I went door to door, through our neighborhood, and asked someone to come babysit us, because he was being so mean, and I was fed up with it!

He always makes fun of me, because I have the “weirdest memory!” I “remember things that no one else remembers.” And I “must make that shit up.” ha!

There was a time, when we were kids that we were in foster care. Parents fighting for custody, bull shit system we were thrown into. We were separated. I cried every night. Every. Single. Night.

Until one night, I crawled into my 16-year-old foster sister’s bed (Her name was Jenny, and she was BEAUTIFUL! I remember wanting to be just like her, when I grew up), and she told me, “Tabbie, I understand that you miss your family, but, what is crying doing for you? Does it make you feel better?”

“No.” I would say, every time.

She would respond with, “When I cry, I ALWAYS get a headache. Do you get headaches when you cry?”

“Yes.” I said. I did. It always gives me a massive headache, even today.

So, maybe this is why I don’t cry as much as I think I should? Will I ever know? Probably not.

Anyway. Back to my brother. One of my heroes.

Separated, in foster care. I was in longer than he was, because my grandmother was able to get Brady out, and get custody, or become his “legal guardian”. I, however, bounced from home to home, for another 3-6 months. Time is not the same, as a child.

I missed him. I missed him picking on me, and making me cry. I missed him chewing his food, with his mouth open. (if you know me, that’s a huge thing!)

Fast forward to middle school. We were both going to middle school together. I started dating one of his friends. The drummer of the band he was in. SSV. ;P Man, I just wanted to be friends with my brother. Sure, the boy was “ohhhh sooooo cuuuuuuute!” But, dating one of his friends, was going to allow me to hang out with my brother more, too.

High school. At this point, I am SURE no one knew my name. I was commonly referred to as “Brady’s little sister.” I had one girl ask to have her picture in my locker, so that Brady would see it, and asked if I would tell her if he mentioned it. (ew! gross! NO!)

I dropped out of high school. Brady continued on, and graduated. He was in bands, and played concerts, and I met Mitch, and got married, had a baby, got my GED, and went to college! Brady had some low times, through the early years of my marriage, and motherhood. We weren’t as close as either of us wanted to be.

Then, he started working for FedEx. Our apartment was on his route. How convenient? We gave him a key to our apartment, so he could go poop, comfortably, during his busy days.

Then, he told us he bought a truck/route or whatever it was. I didn’t really think much of it. I had NO IDEA what it even meant.

He started to kick ass at life!

I remember when Mitch started to work for Brady. He was running a route, and being a fedex delivery guy. I HATED it! I rarely saw him. He had the WORST route. Of course, this is my unappreciative, jealous self. And holidays! I NEVER saw him, until the DAY of Christmas. It was crazy!

Then, my brother said, “We need to get you out of truck, so you can be home more.” He didn’t even know (that I know of) that I was a whiney, complaining bitch about never seeing my husband. I missed him, and I was JEALOUS OF HIS JOB! Seriously? I never said I was perfect.

So, Brady and Mitch worked very hard, to get him out of that truck, and managing the routes. And I feel like I MUST say this, because there was a bit of controversy about him becoming manager. People were saying “Oh yeah! Give your brother-in-law the management position.” Or “He only got the management job, because he is family!”  He was ALWAYS an amazing employee, no matter where he worked, and he ALWAYS got offered a management position. He had this way about him, that made people WANT to do what he said. It was strange, and amazing, and his employers, even my brother, saw that in him.

Managing the FedEx routes was not an easy task, at all.

Mitch wanted everything to be perfect. He wanted everything to run smoothly. That’s not how it works, though. He still tried.

Brady and Mitch became very close, and talked every single day. I think it even got to a point where they talked more to each-other, than I talked to either of them.  MY brother. MY husband.

So, now that you know Brady and Mitch’s history, I will tell you why Brady had become one of my heroes.

The day we found out, he was there. He hugged me, and tried to be strong for me. He cried with me. He sat with me, when I had to tell Megan that she wasn’t going to see her daddy again, because he passed away.

The day after Mitch passed away, Brady said, “You need to make a list!”

I said, “Of what? I am not in the mood to make a list.”

“Tabbie, you need to make a list of your bills, and what you owe, and what’s in your name. You need to open a new bank account, and close the accounts with his name on them. I understand you need to grieve, but, life is still going on.”

I stayed at his house for 2 or 3 weeks. I can’t recall, completely. He let me stay in his home, sleeping on his living room floor, and my daughter on his couch, for 2 and a half weeks. We bonded again.

As great as my loss is, Brady’s also lost a lot, in losing Mitch. Mitch was Brady’s best friend (no offense other friends, that’s just the way it is.), his brother, and the manager of his company.


With such a great loss, he stood by me. He made me (and helped me) take care of everything that I needed to take care of. He is here for Megan. My brother even came over, to help me put my TV up, on a mount, and get my apartment together. I am SO GRATEFUL that I have him in my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better human being, to call my brother.

Thank you. I love you. You keep being the great father to your baby girl (and hopefully more babies), and being a great guy for Katy. I know you will be a fabulous brother, for all of our days, and an even more awesome uncle for Megan.


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