I don’t post much about Megan, or on Meg’s behalf, because I don’t want her to feel like I am putting words into her mouth, or sharing her personal information, that she doesn’t want me to share. Please, don’t bring this up with her, on a whim, because it will make her uncomfortable. So, this will most likely be my one post, that’s solely dedicated to my amazing, strong, smart, funny, loving, caring daughter.

I am going to tell you about her. About how amazing she is. I am not going to talk about her beauty, because, we all know she is a beautiful young lady, with a beautiful soul. Her soul is what I want to share with you.

If you’ve gotten the chance to meet Megan, you will know, she is TOTALLY her father’s daughter. I’d say she’s a good 80/20 split, personality wise, between Mitch and myself. She’s funny, which she gets from both of us, and she’s laid back, and doesn’t let it show when she’s totally freaking out, (she gets that from her daddy, because if I am freaking out, I will tell you, “I’m freaking the F*^& out!”)

She’s funny, she’s introverted, when it comes to new people, and a crazy nutball when she is with her friends.  Exactly like her father!

She is all about QUALITY over QUANTITY, when it comes to her friends. I feel like she gets that from us, both, even though we have a gajillion friends. Each and every one of our friends are quality friends.

She is personable, and loves to make people happy. People love to be around her. She can brighten your day, just by being in the room with her. Just like Dad.

She second guesses herself, like no other! She will always be her biggest critic. She gets that from both of us.

She can roll her eyes so hard, you can hear it. She got that from me.

She is funny! She’s always got something to say, that makes me giggle. And she does it on purpose. She got that from her dad. When I say something funny, most of the time, it’s accidental. (off topic sortof: Mitch could turn any phrase into a sexual innuendo. Think Joey, from Friends and Grandma’s Chicken Salad.)

She can talk. She is so good at it. She expresses herself, when she needs to, and lets things slide, when necessary. She gets that from her daddy. I express myself all the time. If I am angry, I tell you. If I am sad, you know. If I am happy, you are happy, too. I am a little more open with my feelings in that way. It’s good to be a little more like Mitch and Megan, but there’s nothing really wrong with people knowing how you feel, as long as you aren’t being mean.

So, I could go on and on and on about Megan, and her attributes, but I have something very important that I want to share.

She dreams about her daddy every night. In her dreams, he is alive. People can see him, and talk to him, and everything. In her dream, she talks to him about how he died, and she can’t figure out what’s going on. This, recurring dream is freaking her out. She isn’t sleeping well, at night. Better yet, she’s having problems falling asleep.

I have a plan set for next week, and I am hoping it helps. If not, we will be figuring out other steps, for her, and what’s best for her. She is such an amazing, strong, brave girl, and I want to keep her healthy.

Today, I asked her if it was just the dream that was keeping her awake at night, or if she was afraid that something was going to happen to me. She is afraid that something is going to happen to me. She almost started crying. I told her that nothing is going to happen to me, because I am such a hypochondriac, that we would catch anything far in advance. But I also assured her, that if anything ever happens to me, before she turns 18 years old, that she will live with her uncle Brady. I told her that I didn’t and couldn’t promise that nothing was going to happen to me, but I promised that I would do everything in my power to prevent anything.

Meg has also had dreams about Mitch just “showing up” one day. Walking in the door, like everything is normal, and nothing ever happened. I told her that as happy as that would make me, I would kick his ass. I would whoop him up and down the street.

I am so grateful for the support system that Megan has, because, yesterday, she had a rough day. She dazed off, during social studies (BOOOOORING) and started thinking about happier times, and memories of her dad. She said the memories just bombarded her, and then, the final one, was his death, and she lost it. Her teacher is amazing, and was able to sit with her for an hour to an hour and a half, allowing her to talk through it all. She laughed, she cried, she teared up, and told her stories of her daddy.

She loves that we talk about Mitch so much. She is HAPPY that we do. She wouldn’t want us to stop talking about him, just because he died, because that’s not right. (her words, and I agree!)

Maybe one day, I will talk her into writing a blog here, for everyone to read. Many people tell me that I am an inspiration to them, but…

Megan is my inspiration.



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