Today, I caught myself being a real B*tch to a few people. That’s not me! I am not that kind of monster! I caught it, and immediately apologized and explained my situation, but followed that up with “not that it excuses my behavior.” 

My morning started off, pretty okay. I drove Megan to her friend’s house, so she could hang out for a bit, then ride to school with her. I remembered I needed to go to the tax place, and take care of some stuff, so I stopped in there, on my way back to my apartment. I needed to go to the social security office, and verify Megan’s social security number, and have them send me a new copy, since hers was missing. 

Well, I got back to the apartment, and had an hour to spare, so I unpacked a few things, then decided to do my hair and makeup! 

Mascara. Eye shadow. Eyeliner. The works. 

I get to the social security office and they tell me the online demographic page on Megan’s school file wasn’t sufficient for identification! I had to drive 20 minutes back to the school, crying, mind you, because I didn’t have the stuff I needed. I got to the school, cleaned my face up, and went in. The school actually printed the same page I had pulled up, the one I was told wasn’t good enough. So, the secretary printed everything she could think of. I love that woman! 

I drove all the way back to the social security offices, and waited for about 3 hours. I was finally seen at one of the windows, which by the way, why were there only 3 open windows on the busiest day of the week?! 😩

Oh! And the papers that matched the page I showed were ENOUGH! So, all that wasted time driving… 

I was so hungry! 

I got the verified number, called the tax place, and told them I had the verified number, and asked if we could fix it over the phone. She said she thought I would “FOR SURE” need to come back (alllllll the way back by the school), and sign the papers again. 


More wasted time. I could have been unpacking. 

Long story short, the cable guy came, hooked up my cable boxes wrong. The dvr box doesn’t work. I was on the phone with said cable company for over 30 minutes, trying to get that stupid thing hooked up right, only to find it didn’t work, AFTER I disconnected the call with customer service. 

I had to go get Megan, so, I drove back out by the school, again. On my way there, I got a call from the guy who took my dogs for a week, so they could go to their vet appointments before being rehomed.  I can’t have them in my apartment, and I can’t afford a house, without my husband’s income. Anyway. His neighbors called animal control, because they were “scared for their life”! 🙄 

I cried, a lot. 

I went up to the house and had Meg get her stuff together. We ran by My brother’s and picked up our stuff. And came home. My brother-in-law was here.  I made dinner, one of Mitch and Megan’s favorites: Veal, pasta, Italian dressing and feta cheese. 

Back to the stupid, non working dvr box. 

On the phone again with said cable company. Rebooted the darn thing 2 times, and it still doesn’t work! They won’t be back until Wednesday. 😑

I cried about 10 times today. I wanted to scream and punch people, but I know that will solve nothing. Words came out of my mouth, that I shouldn’t have said, and even though I apologized, it doesn’t make it okay. It’s never okay to be an asshole. 

I did get out, and got Megan some Valentine stuff.  That put a little smile on my face. 

My brother helped me today, while I was stuck at the social security office. He went back to my old house, to do one final sweep.  My brother-in-law came over and helped Meg unpack her room while I was cooking dinner. He also put my “over the toilet storage shelves” together. The dog situation is taken care of, and tomorrow is a new day. 

But, all in all, today was a day of uncomfortable feelings. 

I coach Girls on the Run, and we teach that feelings are not good or bad, but, comfortable or uncomfortable. 

I am hoping for a more comfortable feelings day, tomorrow. 

15 year High school reunion. 

2 thoughts on “An Uncomfortable Day

  1. Feelings are never wrong. Never. They are part of you, what makes you. Good, bad, happy, sad, angry, excited……it’s about as honest as it gets. Never apologize for your feelings. You are so amazing Tabbie Wood!

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